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Ex i Temperature sensors

Ex i, intrinsically safe, for zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 or 22

  • The sensor is a standard-type RTD or TC temperature sensor (no ATEX/IECEx requirements)
  • The connection hood is a standard-type, IP 65-protected hood, with a protective earth connection screw (no ATEX/IECEx requirements)
  • The whole circuit must be designed as an intrinsically safe Ex i circuit (cable length, ATEX/IECEx transmitters, ATEX/IECEx barriers).

Investigated applicability

  • SKS Sensors® standard RTD types have been investigated for applying in Ex i circuits by an authorized body VTT Expert Services Ltd and the resulting statement can be downloaded here:STATEMENT VTT-S-08226-13 (pdf).
  • Our RTD and TC sensor's standard types are also approved for intrinsically safe circuits in Euro Asian Customs Union area (EAC; Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan), proved by the certificate:EAC-Ex (pdf), which supersedes the former GOST-Ex certificate.

Product documentation

  • The Ex i sensors have no special data sheets, since they all are standard types.
  • Please find the data sheets of standard-type sensors 1...22 on page Products > Temperature sensors.